For several years, the site for my personal game studio, Ward Games, was built using a pretty rudimentary WordPress theme that didn’t properly showcase all the great content we were making, which included games, podcasts, panels, and more. So back in Spring 2019, I started the process of redesigning and developing a custom-made Ward Games site. Fast forward a year and a half later, and Wardsite 2.0 was launched.

Built using Hexo — a blogging framework that utilizes Embedded JavaScript templates to create layouts as well as Markdown to write individual blog posts — I was able to add a bunch of custom features and designs I had been dreaming about for a long time: a robust tagging system, landing pages for our different podcasts and panel series, and more customizable blog posts, including a wholly separate blog post layout for our game of the year write-ups.

If you wish to learn more about the site’s redesign, you can check out this blog post I published when the new site went live.

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