Made for Global Game Jam 2016’s theme of “Ritual,” Morning is a 2D minigame collection about a person trying to get ready for work in the morning. Each of your morning rituals — brushing your teeth, taking a shower, eating breakfast — plays out in a timing-based minigame. Each time you complete a minigame, the clock progresses forward, and when it reaches 8:30, the game ends, and you’re sent off to work, whether or not you’re done. The game then plays out an ending depending on which minigames you completed and which ones you failed.

I was responsible for most of the coding, from creating the character controller to building an event system for the minigames, with auxiliary support from our other programmer. There is also a small dialog system in the game for when the player interacts with certain objects in the house.

Collaborators on this project include Mason Brown, Dan Cotting, Alex Rice, and John Goldhamer.

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