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Sleek Iconography Meets Classic Heraldry

My co-founder, Mason, devised the original Ward badge with the blank shield in the upper left. From there, I took it and tried a multitude of different designs on the shield. I drew inspiration from simple, iconic logos that can stand without their brand word as well as the shapes used by medival heraldry, especially the chevron and the diamond.

Eventually, we decided upon five diamonds creating a gestalt "W."


Made with Unity and Love

All of my games are created using Unity. Every game programmer has their preferred tools, whether it’s GameMaker, HaxeFlixel, Unreal Engine, or maybe their own custom solution, but Unity’s use of the ubiquitous C# language and the ability to view the game scene while editing is what makes it my preferred game engine.

Even though it still doesn’t support the .NET Tuples class, to my chagrin.


Dystopian Resource Management

Take on the role of an employee on their first day at the Edison Corportation. Assist Arbeau in distributing resources to the four districts to prevent them from falling into unrest. Originally created for Ludum Dare 33's theme of "You are the Monster." Play it here.


Daily Morning Ritual

Play as an office worker getting ready for his day at work. Brush your teeth, take a shower, eat some toast – succeed or fail at one or all of these tasks. Originally created for Global Game Jam 2016's theme of "Ritual." Play it here.


World-Bridging Platformer

Help Scout climb the treacherous mountain terrain by controlling a curtain to another world. Originally submitted for Ludum Dare 30's theme of "Connected Worlds." Play it here.

Received 17th place in the Innovation category for Ludum Dare 30.

Knight Life

What does he do now?

After the monster is defeated and the kingdom is saved, what is a hero to do? Originally created for Global Game Jams 2015's theme of "What Do We Do Now?" Check out the game's progress on its repo here.


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