Hello, my name's Dylan.

I am a recent graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University, where I received degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration and Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and a minor in Writing. Before that, I studied Studio Art and Business at Tidewater Community College.

I work to be a versalist, where my multitude of disciplines allow me to pursue projects in a vast number of fields, including creative writing, business development, video game development, software development, fine art, and graphic design.

My résumé can be seen here.




A video game start-up founded by myself and Mason Brown in July of 2015. We develop narrative-focused, gameplay-rich experiences. Since its inception, we've released several small games and over a year's worth of podcast content. Read more about what we've done and where we're going here.



A natural language processing application that takes Java, C#, and C++ source code and converts it to plain english. Developed for Virginia Commmonwealth University School of Engineering's Senior Design Expo. Check out the repo here.



A (very) rough draft of a screenplay written in the Fall of 2015. It revolves around a convenience store owner named Ray, who, after defending himself against an armed robbery at his store, is thrust into the world of municipal politics. Read it here.



Take on the role of an employee on their first day at the Edison Corportation. Assist Arbeau in distributing resources to the four districts to prevent them from falling into unrest. Originally created for Ludum Dare 33's theme of "You are the Monster." Play it here.