Let's Talk  Business

I’ve always wanted to work in some sort of creative field, but it has only been relatively recently that I’ve learned the importance of business acumen. Designers, artists, and engineers have the ability to build an engine, but business people help make sure that people want to drive the car. Equipped with business knowledge, anyone that wants to trek out on their own in a creative endeavor has the opportunity to do so.



Video Game Start-up

A video game start-up founded by myself and Mason Brown in July of 2015. We develop narrative-focused, gameplay-rich experiences. Since its inception, we've released several small games and over a year's worth of podcast content. Read more about what we've done and where we're going here.


Note-taking Application Project

The main project for my Product Development and Management class. My group developed the design for a note-taking application that implements image processing, handwriting recognition, and cloud storage services to create a digital notebook for better classroom notetaking and studying. Case study coming soon.